Foundational Therapies

These are treatments that have been shown to extend life well beyond expectations; and in some cases, have led to outright remission. 

Traditionally used to treat scurvy(vitamin C deficiency), it is now experiencing a renaissance in the world of medicine for a variety of modalities, brain cancer being just one.

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“Going Keto” is a primary tool when taking a metabolic approach to heal from cancer. This high fat/low carb dietary regime is gaining steam in the oncology world thanks to the pioneering research of a few scientists around the world.

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Spearheaded by researchers in Brazil, inhalation of this plant extract has shown to extend life expectancy for those with Glioblastoma fourfold. There is now a large clinical trial underway in the United States.

Resources – Trials – Studies

CareOncology is a health care organization using a combination of Doxycycline, Metformin, Mebendazole, and Statins to treat various cancers, including glioblastoma. They recently released a 95 person study showing this combination doubled the life expectancy for those with GBM and have a case study of one patient showing no evidence of recurrence after 12 months on the protocol.

COC for GBM (external link)

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