Perillyl Alcohol

Inhalation of this plant-based extract has been shown to be effective over a number of studies. 

It is taken at home multiple times per day and has been used for for years by patients without any demonstration of toxicity.

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As of 9/30/20

There is word it has been taken off the compounding list and is only currently available via clinical trial. We are working to learn more


Sourcing inhalable Perillyl Alcohol requires working with a compounding pharmacy in order to have it custom made, per a prescription from a doctor.

If support is needed on this, one of the leaders of the trials in Brazil, Dr. Clovis Orlando, is willing to speak with patients over video chat and can be reached here:

Hospital pharmacies are also believed to be able to compound it.

Here are the ingredients should a compounding pharmacy need it:

  • Ethyl alcohol 96/ 45g
  • Glycerine 45g
  • Perillyl alcohol 10g (comes in 95% or >96%)

Mix together and store in a Glass Bottle at:

2° - 8° C / 35.6° - 46.4°F

How it's traditionally used:

Inhaled via a nebulizer for up to 20 minutes a day, 2 - 3 times a day.

Days off are often incorporated into the regimen.

Title: Safety and Efficacy Study in Recurrent Grade IV Glioma


Inclusion criteria: Recurrence


  • University of Southern California

Los Angeles, California, United States, 90033

Contact: Aida Lozada    323-865-3980

Principal Investigator: Naveed Wagle, MD

  • Cleveland Clinic Florida (Not yet recruiting)

Weston, Florida, United States, 33331

Contact: Abel Rodriguez   954-487-2258 

Principal Investigator: Bruno Bastos, MD

  • Cleveland Clinic

Cleveland, Ohio, United States, 44333

Contact: Teresa Allison    216-444-6459

Contact: Theresa Naska    216-444-8923

Principal Investigator: David Peereboom, MD

  • University of Washington Seattle Cancer Care Alliance

Seattle, Washington, United States, 98109

Contact: Ana Valeria Martin   206-221-1538

Contact: Bryan Kim    206-543-4069

Principal Investigator: Lynne Taylor, MD

  • University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinic

Madison, Wisconsin, United States, 53792

Contact: Diana Trask    608-263-9528

Contact: Belinda Buehl Soppe    6608-265-9958 

Principal Investigator: Steve Howard, MD

Treatment Protocol: To be administered via nebulizer four times daily

Title: Efficacy of monoterpene Perillyl alcohol upon survival rate of patients with recurrent glioblastoma


Summary: This study provided Perillyl alcohol to 89 patients experiencing recurrent glioblastoma and compared survival rates for those receiving the treatment versus 52 patients receiving the traditional supportive modalities and found that those that took Perillyl Alcohol, on average, lived longer.

Key takeaway(s):

  • The patients that took Perillyl Alcohol saw increased life span
    • Especially effective in deep regions of the brain
  • From the study: “The side effects of POH treatment were almost nonexistent, even in patients treated for over 4 years.”



Title: Efficacy of a ketogenic diet with concomitant intranasal Perillyl alcohol as a novel strategy for the therapy of recurrent glioblastoma


Summary: This study tested the efficacy of implementing a ketogenic diet while administering Perillyl Alcohol and found that those patients who did both did live longer than those only using the PA.

Key takeaways:

  • Patients implementing both treatments saw improved partial response and stable disease

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