The Approach Behind MalignantNoMore

MalignantNoMore was designed to give patients the information they need to design a care plan that works for them. We recognize that each patient has a different journey to health; so, we sought to include as many modalities as possible.  

And with the number of avenues available, we hope that this site can provide the information for each person to find the right combination for them. 


The treatments listed in any of the sections have all been involved in a number of studies of different types. And most, if not all, have been studied in conjunction with the Standard of Care (chemoradiation), oftentimes to synergistic effects. 

The studies for each are summarized and the link to the journal article provided. 

These are the treatments that have been at the core of the healing journey for many, allowing those patients to live well beyond expectations post-diagnosis.

Implementing one, or even two of them, which is totally possible, has been done by many.

So if you’re looking for a place to start researching, we’d point you in that direction. 

We have a featured trials page (coming soon) which highlights the clinical trials we are excited about for one reason or another and a trial search page, all derived from

We’ve taken the information provided there, synthesized and categorized it, and made that all searchable. 

Clinical trials provide an opportunity to explore modalities not yet well understood; so, as with any treatment, comfort level is paramount. Though for these, as there is less information about the treatment being used, there is a greater risk versus reward profile. 

For the trials, you can usually find the contact information of the Primary Contact as well as the name of the Principal Investigator. Though if not, there is usually enough information to track down someone involved with a particular trial, including on the link provided.

As we do have relationships with a few doctors, we are willing to reach out to them to see if they are available to work with someone on a particular modality. 

As we’ve been there, supporting a loved one through this journey for a year and a half now, we want to enable everyone out there, whether you’re a patient or a loved one, to have the same level of support.

So should you get stuck on anything you come across, please do not hesitate to contact us in whatever way you are most comfortable. 

We understand there’s a lot to work through and if we can make anything even a tad bit easier for you, we will most certainly try to.

Questions about anything above?
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