This anti-parasite medicine interferes with how cancer cells divide and has a long history of safe use in humans. 

And although there have been no human brain cancer trials to date, it has been quite successful in mouse models and is now undergoing further study.

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It is available over the counter in Europe but by prescription only in the U.S.

And as one of the four drugs used by CareOncology to treat cancer, they could be a resource to learn more as well. 

Title: Phase I Study of Mebendazole Therapy for Recurrent/Progressive Pediatric Brain Tumors


Inclusion criteria: For those under 21 with a case of Recurrent/Progressive disease


  • Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital

Saint Petersburg, Florida, United States, 33701

Contact: Stacie Stapleton, M.D.    727-767-4176 

  • Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

Baltimore, Maryland, United States, 21231

Contact: Tammy Scott, RN    410-614-5990  

Contact: Kenneth J Cohen, MD    410-614-5055  

Principal Investigator: Kenneth J Cohen, MD

Treatment Protocol: Patients will take Mebendazole as the primary treatment in the case of Recurrence/Progression.

Title: Antiparasitic mebendazole shows survival benefit in 2 preclinical models of glioblastoma multiforme


Summary: In this study, scientists tested the effects of Mebendazole on both cancer cells in the laboratory and on mice with implanted human gliomas

Key takeaways:

  • The mice that were given Mebendazole lived significantly longer
  • Findings suggest it is a novel treatment to be explored further for brain cancer
  • It has a proven record of safe use in humans



Title: Repurposing Mebendazole as a Replacement for Vincristine for the Treatment of Brain Tumors


Summary: In this study, scientists tested Mebendazole against another commonly used drug that works in a similar manner to see which was more effective.

Key takeaways:

  • Mebendazole increased animal survival time for those with implanted human brain tumors
  • Based on the results, the authors strongly suggest the use of Mebendazole to treat brain tumors

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