Boswellia Serrata (Frankincense)

Primarily used as an essential oil, Boswellia Serrata has been shown to have multiple anti-cancer properties in an ever-increasing number of laboratory studies.

And while there are no human cancer trials to date, it is a recognized anti-inflammatory agent, which is a crucial part of any healing process.

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As there is no established protocol or understanding on mechanisms by which Frankincense can reach the tumor site when taken via essential oil, patients have been to known to rub it on the area above the upper lip multiple times per day, in order to inhale it directly to the brain or to put it in an oil diffuser and inhale it while sleeping at night, or both.  

There are multiple types of essential oils sold as Frankincense though the scientific studies are based on the of Boswellia Serrata extract

It is also sold in pill and powder form and there is a recently released study showing it can support brain cancer patients in pill form:

Boswellia and Brain Tumors: Boswellia shows potential in mitigating cerebral edema caused by radiochemotherapy

None currently available

Title: Boswellic acids inhibit glioma growth: a new treatment option?


Summary: In this study, scientists initiated brain cancer in four different groups of rats receiving ever-increasing amounts of Boswellic acids and found that those receiving the highest dose had the smallest tumor growth.

Key takeaways:

  • The evidence is conclusive and warranting of further studies in humans



Title: Boswellic acids and malignant glioma: induction of apoptosis but no modulation of drug sensitivity


Summary: In this laboratory study, scientists examined whether Boswellic acids could be used instead of steroids as a treatment for edema

Key takeaway(s):

  • Boswellic acids led to cancer cell death
  • Boswellic acids do not interfere with the cytotoxic nature of chemotherapy the way steroids do
  • The authors call for more animal and human studies to further explore the efficacy of Boswellic acids

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