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The health benefits of drinking Green tea are numerous; so, in addition to providing the body an antioxidant to combat the tumor, other avenues of health will be boosted as well.

And though there exist no brain cancer/EGCG trials there are studies that show that EGCG crosses the blood-brain barrier and that it leads to the death of brain cancer cells in cell-based experiments.

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One study (not of brain cancer patients) has shown there is a clear health benefit as measured by recurrence and life expectancy if 5 or more cups per day are consumed.

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And organic is important for if not, the tea could contain chemicals and/or known carcinogens. 

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Title: Epigallocatechin Gallate Preferentially Inhibits O 6-Methylguanine DNA-Methyltransferase Expression in Glioblastoma Cells Rather than in Nontumor Glial Cells


Summary: Scientists compared the effects of EGCG on two glioblastoma cell lines versus that of a non-cancerous brain (glial) cell, measured various levels of molecules created by the cells, and found EGCG exhibited anti-cancer properties.

Key takeaway(s):

  • EGCG enhances the effects of Temodar on cancer cells but not healthy cells
  • EGCG works by inhibiting the creation of the protein MGMT, which when not inhibited in brain cancer, usually confers resistance to chemotherapy and therefore shorter life expectancy.



Title: EGCG inhibits properties of glioma stem-like cells and synergizes with temozolomide through downregulation of P-glycoprotein inhibition


Summary: Scientists added EGCG to a culture of glioma like stem cells that were enriched with glioblastoma cells, measured the levels of particular proteins and molecules associated with carcinogenesis, and found EGCG works by interfering with particular cancer-related proteins.  

Key takeaways:

  • ECGC led to the death of the cancer cells that were treated with it
  • EGCG increased sensitivity to Temodar (TMZ)
  • The authors conclude: “Our study demonstrates that the use of EGCG alone or in combination with TMZ may be an effective therapeutic strategy for glioma.”

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