Mushroom Extracts (Glucans)

The studies regarding Mushroom extracts (β-glucans being just one) and cancer are not specific to the brain; but, they do boost the immune system, kill cancer cells, and cross the blood-brain barrier.

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A brand with clinical trials behind it and the one recommended by Dr. Heather Wright, ND, FABNO:


None currently available

Title: Prognostic improvement of patients with advanced liver cancer after active hexose correlated compound (AHCC) treatment


Summary: This study, involving patients with liver cancer receiving supportive care, compared the effects of taking AHCC versus a placebo and found that those taking the supplement lived much longer.

Key takeaways:

  • After 3 months, those taking AHCC had a much higher quality of life
  • The blood of those taking AHCC showed much higher levels of white (immune) cells
  • The authors believe AHCC could lead to a longer survival time for those with liver cancer



Title: Orally administered β-glucans enhance anti-tumor effects of monoclonal antibodies


Summary: This study tested whether β-glucans could boost the anti-tumor effects of monoclonal antibodies by administering them both to mice with human tumors implanted and did indeed find that the two worked together leading to a greater decrease in tumor size when compared to those mice receiving antibodies alone.

Key takeaways:

  • The addition of β-glucans increased the anti-tumor effects of monoclonal antibodies
  • β-glucans to treat cancer warrant further study



Title: The effects of β-glucan on human immune and cancer cells


Summary: As the authors recognized there is initial data on the anti-tumor properties of β-glucans, they performed a study to track the path of β-glucans from the digestive tract to the immune system to better understand how it supports the immune system in the fight against cancer.

Key takeaways:

  • The authors call for more rigorously defined clinical studies to be undertaken in order to better understand the efficacy and ideal administration of β-glucans

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