A World Without Cancer

That's What We're Working Towards

Hi everyone, Joe Conte, founder of MalignantNoMore here. 

If you’re a patient facing this disease, or the loved one of someone experiencing it, I’m sorry you’re here though I hope MalignantNoMore can help you find a way. 

MalignantNoMore was started to share what I’ve learned since diving into the world of cancer care after a very close family member was diagnosed with a malignant glioma in February 2019.

After understanding what he was facing, it became clear that he’d have to explore non-traditional treatments in order to have a chance to beat it; and, that we’d have to move quickly.

To support him on this, I began reading every book, article, and scientific paper I could find in order to fully understand what treatments were working for patients and why.

And from that research, family, friends, Doctors, and I helped him implement various modalities, such as the ketogenic diet, hyperbaric oxygen, a number of supplements, and off-label medications like Metformin, that by all indications, have put him on the path to healing.

I know how challenging this diagnosis, including implementing alternative treatments, can be, and attribute the fact that we are here as a family thanks to a support network that was able to shoulder us each step of the way. 

So should MalignhantNoMore be able to provide support to help you achieve that, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Because together it can be done.

Together, we can have hope.

With much love,

Joe Conte